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Action #2 “or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう

Action #2
or WASTE? in Hirosaki – Owani, Aomori Prefecture

Action #2:“or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう

English follows Japanese.

  • 開催日時:2017年9月30日(土)〜10月1日(日)
  • 開催場所:青森県 弘前 ~大鰐
  • 集合場所:9月30日 (土) AM10:30-10:50 JR弘前駅前
  • コース(自転車走行距離):1日目 約30キロ、2日目 約25キロ
  • 募集人数:20名
  • 費用:A) 27,000円税込/2日間コース(2日に渡るグルメライド参加費/宿泊費/全食費:昼2回、*夕食1回、朝食1回 込み)
    B) 15,000円税込/2日間コース・宿泊ナシ(2日に渡るグルメライド参加費/食費:昼2回、*夕食1回 込み)
    C)12,000円税込/1日目のみ(1日目のグルメライド参加費/食費:昼1回、*夕食1回 込み)
  • 宿泊:9月30日(土)1泊 大鰐温泉不二やホテル
  • 申込方法:JOIN THE ACTION ボタンより、Peatixイベントページに進み、お申込みください。定員に達し次第、締め切ります。
  • Date:Sep.30-Oct.1,2017
  • Meeting point:JR Hirosaki Station on 10:30-10:50AM, 30th September
  • Venue:Hirosaki – Owani, Aomori Prefecture
  • Course:Day 1 approx 30km, Day 2 approx 25km
  • Capacity:20
  • Cost:A: ¥27,000- (including 2-day gourmet rides registration fee/accommodation fee/*all food expenses/tax)
    B: ¥15,000-(package of A without accommodation fee)
    C:¥12,000-(including the 1st day gourmet ride registration fee/*food expenses/tax )
    *At the goal of the gourmet ride on the first day, participants will all gather at a communal dinner table and fully enjoy the many bounties of the region.
  • Accommodation:one night stay on 30th September at Owani Onsen Fujiya Hotel
    *This event will meet and conclude locally. We ask that you please make your own arrangements ahead of time to get to the local destination and for transportation home when the event concludes.
  • How to order:Please proceed to Peatix event page from “JOIN THE ACTION” link below. You can select the language at the bottom of the page.The application will be closed when reaches the capacity.



伝統と革新の地  青森県津軽を訪ねて

Event outline:
The Tsugaru region in Aomori Prefecture is one of Japan's leading apple producing regions, the flavor of its apples highly regarded both domestically and internationally. Hirosaki offers a beautiful view of Mount Iwaki from its stunning, expansive apple orchards. Owani is the ideal bikeable town, a historical spa town surrounded by rich natural environments and green space.
Both have wonderful food cultures and foods that have been nurtured by the unique climate and natural features of the region. Here, you can find a wisdom for everyday life and local flavors that ought be maintained. At the same time, regional production sites for apples and other products are facing a variety of issues, including a shortage of successors and product waste due to abnormal weather.
While bicycle touring in this action, participants will have the opportunity to have exchanges with people inheriting the food culture of the region, those who have roots in the community and who make effective use of the precious resources in their possession while facing these social issues. At our goal, participants will all gather at a communal table and fully enjoy the many bounties of the region. For more details on the 2-day 1-night ride, see the schedule below.

Tasting Tsugaru:Where tradition and innovation coincide




Participation conditions:
This is an event aimed at those adults with experience riding distances of 30 km.
Guides and a support car will travel with us for the whole course, which covers two days.
Local access:
This event will meet and conclude locally. We ask that you please make your own arrangements ahead of time to get to the local destination and for transportation home when the event concludes.
Bicycle equipment:
Please bring your favorite, well-maintained road bike or touring bike that you normally ride as well as a helmet to wear while riding.
The weather around the time of the tour is generally relatively mild, but we ask that you please bring a light jacket and other cold weather gear.

Action #2:“or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう

Action #2:“or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう

Action #2:“or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう

Action #2:“or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう

Photograph by Luuvu Hoang


Action #2 or WASTE? Gourmet Ride in Aomori
Collaboration Partner

Action #2:“or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう

photograph by Bungo Kimura

OGINO Red & Green Restaurant 荻野伸也シェフ
池尻大橋の大人気フレンチ「レストラン オギノ」のほか、テイクアウト専門店「ターブルオギノ」を首都圏に3店舗展開する他、北海道では、「生産者+料理人+消費者」がつなぐ食環境サイクルの実現を目指し、道内の規格外食材や、害獣として撃たれて廃棄されてしまう鹿の肉等を活用した惣菜ショップ「ヴィヴルアンサンブル」を運営。
著書に、「シャルキュトリー教本: フランスの食文化が生んだ肉加工品の調理技法( 誠文堂新光社)」、「「ターブルオギノ」のDELIサラダ (世界文化社)」、「アスリートシェフの チキンブレスト レシピ -鶏むね肉でパワーアップ!(柴田書店)」等がある。

OGINO Red & Green Restaurant Chef Shinya Ogino
In addition to the popular French restaurant "Restaurant Ogino" in the Ikejiri-Ohashi area of Tokyo, Chef Ogino has expanded “Table OGINO,” specializing in take-out, to three locations in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. And in Hokkaido, Ogino aims at achieving an environmental food cycle that connects producers, chefs, and consumers, operating the deli "Vivre Ensemble" that utilizes nonstandard food ingredients from Hokkaido, including the meat from deer shot as vermin that is normally discarded.
While dealing with the environmental and social issues surrounding food every day, including those concerning the logistics of food ingredients in Japan, Ogino works together with ambitious producers and is very active in a wide range of activities.
Also famous as an athlete chef, Ogino is devoted to training every day to participate in international triathlon and trail running competitions.
His books include “Charcuterie textbook: Cooking techniques for prepared meat products produced by France’s food culture (Seibundo Shinkosha)”, “‘Table Ogino’ deli salads (Sekai Bunka)”, “Athlete chef’s chicken breast recipes: extra power with chicken breasts! (Shibata Shoten)” and more.

30 Sep 2017 Schedule 1日目 First day

Please see below for details about the schedule. (Click on the “+” for further information.)
*Please note that some small changes may be made to the schedule. The ride and visit times are approximations.

Photographs by Luuvu Hoang

 10:30-10:50 JR弘前駅前 集合/ガイダンス Gather at Hirosaki Station
Staff will be waiting with signs. The Gourmet Ride will begin following the guides’ announcement.
 10:50 JR弘前駅 グルメライドスタート Depart for Apple Park
Depart for Apple Park
 11:10 りんご公園到着 弘前シードル工房kimori訪問 Arrive at Hirosaki Cidre Koubou Kimori in Apple Park
Hirosaki has a growing number of apple orchards without people to operate them. We will hear from Mr. Takahashi, who began brewing cider in an attempt to change the current state of this apple industry in the Hirosaki area. Enjoy fresh apple juice and a snack.
“or WASTE?”#2
“or WASTE?”#2
 11:30-13:00 アップルロード経由 Ride via Apple Road
We will have a refreshing ride through the apple orchards of Hirosaki in harvest season.
“or WASTE?”#2
 13:00 津軽あかつきの会 到着 Arrive at Tsugaru Akatsuki-no-kai
Mothers from the local area gather here out of concern that local flavors will be lost if no action is taken. We will enjoy a number of dishes through which it is possible to experience the food culture and cooking methods developed in the area. These include the wisdom needed to get through the winter, and the ingenuity to not waste ingredients.
“or WASTE?”#2
“or WASTE?”#2
 14:00 大鰐へ向けて出発 Depart for Owani
“or WASTE?”#2
 15:00 大鰐・鰐カム ゴール Arrive at Wanicome, Owani
1日目のゴール地点、鰐カム(大鰐町地域交流センターhttp://www.wanicome.com/) の屋外スペースがディナー会場となります。
The dinner will be held in the garden of Wanicome where you can enjoy wonderful hot spring with open-air spa.
“or WASTE?”#2
Please check-inn at Owani Onsen Fujiya Hotel located near Wanicome, and relax until the dinner starts at either Wanicome or Owani Onsen Fujiya Hotel.
“or WASTE?”#2
“or WASTE?”#2
 17:00 鰐カム ディナー開始 Dinner starts at Wanicome
Enjoy a relaxing dinner in an outdoor space at dusk, with cuisine prepared by Chef Ogino using local ingredients. We will also savor the ingredients from the producers that we will visit on our two-day ride.
With the first day’s ride over, we will have plenty of alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy.
“or WASTE?”#2
“or WASTE?”#2
 20:30 目途 解散 Dinner concludes
Thank you for your Ride!

1 Oct 2017 Schedule 2日目 Second day

Photographs by Luuvu Hoang

 8:30-8:40 鰐カム 集合/ガイダンス Gather at Wanicome
“or WASTE?”#2
“or WASTE?”#2
 8:40 鰐カム スタート Depart for Owani Onsen Moyashi farm
Depart for Owani Onsen Moyashi farm
 9:00 大鰐温泉もやし 生産者 訪問 Visit the producer of Owani Onsen Moyashi
Owani Onsen Moyashi has been passed down through the same family throughout its history of over 350 years. Using the kohachi-mame beans native to the area, Owani Onsen Moyashi is a bean sprout grown only on this land. These bean sprouts are grown completely free of pesticides and fertilizers, instead relying on the heat and minerals in the soil from the splashed hot spring waters . The unique aroma and crisp texture cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. We will hear from the two young producers who are have been working hard for several years in the production of Owani Onsen Moyashi, which had faced an issue of who would succeed the business.
“or WASTE?”#2
“or WASTE?”#2
 9:30 りんご農家さん 立ち寄り Stop by an apple farm
Pick an apple ready to be harvested. Enjoy it during the morning ride.
“or WASTE?”#2
 10:00 おおわに生ハム工房 訪問 Visit to Owani Nama Ham Koubou
Owani Shizenmura operates with sound circulation-type agriculture with consideration toward the environment. They offer a “Retro Pork” made from pigs raised grazing rich natural farmland. We have an opportunity to see how their nama ham (prosciutto) is made in their workshop, which was established in the building of a closed local school.
“or WASTE?”#2
 11:00 鰐カム ゴール Arrive at Wanicome
We will securely keep your bike at Wanicome. We will walk down to Hikage diner.
 11:15 日景食堂 昼食 Lunch at Hikage Shokudo
We will conclude our tour with a ramen featuring lots of Owani bean sprouts. Enjoy a proud local flavor at this local diner, loved by locals and boasting a history of over 100 years.
“or WASTE?”#2
 12:00 解散 Conclusion
Thank you for your Ride!

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Photographs by Luuvu Hoang / Bungo Kimura / Hide Urabe

Scenes from or WASTE?

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本アクションは、復興庁 平成29年度「新しい東北」交流拡大モデル事業として実施します。
主催:(株)料理通信社 協力:青森サイクル・ツーリズム推進協議会
問い合わせ先 or WASTE? 問い合わせフォーム

This event will be held under FY2017 “New Tohoku” Interaction Model Project led by Japan’s Reconstuction Agency.
hosted by the Cuisine Press Inc. supported by AOMORI-CYCLING
for inqueris: mail to or WASTE? Project jointheaction@or-waste.com

FAQ -よくある質問

*開催に向けて、随時更新していきます。 FAQ will be updated accordingly.

 雨天時は開催しますか?Is the gourmet ride event held in case of rain?
The gourmet ride will take place rain or shine. However, in case of heavily bad weather condition, we are considering to move by other transportation to lunch/dinner place. We will announce the details to the participants.
 荷物は預かってもらえますか? Do you keep our luggage?
We will keep your luggage before the gourmet ride starts.
 キャンセルポリシーについて教えてください。  What is the cancellation policy?
開催1カ月前(8/30)まで 参加費の80%、 開催2週間前(9/16)まで参加費の50% 
Cancellations made up to one month prior to this event will be subject to 80% cancellation fee.
Cancellations made up to 2weeks prior to this event will be subject to 50% cancellation fee.
Cancellations within 13 days prior to the event and no shows are responsible for 100% of the fee.


Action #3 “or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Iwate グルメライド in 岩手
Action #2 “or WASTE?” Gourmet Ride in Aomori    グルメライド in 青森 地域資源を五感で味わおう


Action #1 “or WASTE?”循環を生む食べ方を実践していこう
or WASTE? プロジェクトのキックオフアクションとして、有限資源の循環、できるだけ無駄を抑えた日々の営みの重要性を、「食べ物」の原点を体感しながら、1人1人が「良き食事」を心がけていけるヒントを盛り込んだプログラムを行います。